If you are interested in the latest Plug In Hybrid Vehicles and want to know more about this latest technology then speak with the sales advisors at Rochdale and Hyde. All are experts in PHEV and able to explain the special features of these cars. Many new PHEV models are being launched from various manufactures this year, many with different operating styles including, series hybrids, parallel hybrids, as well as high , medium and low impact variants. Let us explain the differences and understand better the advantages of Plug In Hybrid Vehicles in general, the advantages over non plug in hybrid cars, and the Mitsubishi PHEV in particular.

Call in and see Colin or Stuart at Rochdale, or Peter and Basil at Hyde, join them for a cup of coffee and learn why Plug In Hybrids will be making a greater impact on the UK car market over the next couple of years.IMG_9265