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We love helping make sure your Kia is running smoothly at all times, so you can continue to enjoy every drive, worry-free.

Service & Maintenance - Service offers and plans (including fixed-price Kia Care Packages), repairs, and checks between services. We tailor our plans to suit the age and mileage of your car – keeping your running costs down.

Kia Parts & Accessories - Designed and approved for your car, our wide range of Kia car accessories are an ideal way of giving your Kia a personalised touch.

Kia Service & Parts

Kia Service & Parts

We are here to help make sure your Kia is running smoothly. That’s why our service plan packages are tailored to suit the age and mileage of your car. So it's easy for you to get Kia Genuine Parts and reduce your running costs.

To keep your Kia in top condition, we recommend that it's serviced on time (e.g., every 12 months). We always align your next car service with the anniversary of the first date of registration (and not 12 months from the date that a delayed service was completed). By doing this, we can replace key components and fluids on a timely basis.

Benefits of our service plans:

- Great value for money
- Fixed cost and inflation proof servicing
- A full Kia service history - boosting resale value
- Packages are transferred to the new owner if you sell your car
- Kia Trained Technicians only use Kia Genuine parts.

Take a look at our car service packages and choose your competitive fixed service price.

Kia Care

All our car service plans are made available through Kia Care, which is designed to give you great value for money and keep your vehicle in top condition.

Whatever Kia you have, we have a Kia Care fixed-price service package for you.

Kia Service & Parts