What is a Vehicle Health Check?

visual health check or electronic health check) is a complimentary check of your car’s components, carried out by a skilled technician.

A ‘traffic light system’ is used on each of the different check points to report whether your vehicle is:

  • Green: Safe and good to go
  • Amber: Recommended work is required but not urgent
  • Red: Requires urgent attention

No work will be done on your vehicle without first asking for your permission – the VHC is there to simply check the state of your car and provide you with relevant advice. It’s completely up to you whether you use us for any maintenance or repairs that are needed. In most cases, our customers choose for us to do so as while the vehicle is in our care this is the most convenient option.

Are Vehicle Health Checks mandatory?

VHCs are not mandatory.

It is typically carried out alongside a repair, service or MOT, and is an extra service offered by us, free of charge – as experts in vehicle maintenance we see it as our duty of care to check your vehicle’s key safety items while our skilled, qualified Technicians are working on it, giving us all peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and legal for the road.

What’s included in a Vehicle Health Check?

A Vehicle Health Check includes checks on the following things:

  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Lights
  • Fluid Levels
  • Exhaust
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Electrical

The check points will be listed in a report, as well as a short video which will be sent to you explaining what has been checked during the VHC. If any amber or red components have been identified, this will also include the technician’s recommendations for what to do next.

How long does a Vehicle Health Check take?

A VHC typically takes 15-20 minutes to complete.

How much does a Vehicle Health Check cost?

VHCs is a service offered free of charge.

What brands do we offer Vehicle Health Checks for?

We will do a VHC on any make or model.

If a Vehicle Health Check point is red, will you carry out repair work that day?

If a red check point has been identified during the VHC and we have been given your permission to carry out the repair work, we will do everything we can to get this done on the same day for you.

Most vehicle parts are available within our workshops. However, when a part is not readily available, we will order this as soon as we can (usually for next day delivery). In this instance, it is recommended that you leave the car with us until this arrives. Each of our dealerships has a select amount of courtesy cars available on request, and where one is not available, we will also do our best to offer a lift/collection service.

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